Anne Wilson's voice shreds the air

  (My heart, my brain, my all)

 Screaming out my favorite song as

  (At the nothing blank blackness)


  (She is the one I fell into)

 Looks at me, tears

  (But only the water falls now)

 Bubbling out of her

  (Blistered and battered and torn)

 misty eyes.

  (Those eyes...gray on green on blue)

 "Hands on the wheel..."

  (On my flesh, on hers)

 The opening line unfolds

  (Like our lives, unwrapping, untwining)

 the pure steel velvet

  (Of the knife, that severs the chords)

 of Heart's lead singer's voice, and

  (And breaks the bonding)

 She whispers

  (And I silently scream)

 "I'm sorry." And slips

  (Falling...falling away)






Silent Scream

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