silent scream



spiral down endlessly.

going to frown.


too hard to hurt.
too much to need.
to love.
to feel.
im caught behind the wheel
of time out of time
rhyme within rhyme.

i want.

to love.
to hold.
to heal.

but i wonder sometimes what it is that you feel.

do you want me to hold you?
do you want me to need you?
do you want me to want you?

or do you just want to be free?

you dont listen to me.

you dont hear what i say.

so maybe ill just


the circle unbroken.
the promises spoken.
the fears expressed.
the love to the test.

i love you my love.
i always have.
i always will.

if you want me to stay,

(i hope, i pray)

if you want my love,
you got it.



Song of the Seasons

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