The text you will find written here generally applies to the online version of Banshee's Honor.  However, most of the information will pertain to the published novel as well, which is why I am including it.  I cannot stress enough that there will be spoilers contained within these pages.  If you have not yet read the book or the online version of the story, you may wish to do so first.  
Y'Mar - The First Kingdom
Y'Dan - The Second Kingdom
Y'Syr - The Third Kingdom
Y'Nor - The Fourth Kingdom
Y'Dror - The Fifth Kingdom
Y'Tol - The Sixth Kingdom
Y'Skan - The Seventh Kingdom
Killigarn Island - A Land of Cutthroats and thieves.  
Three Kingdoms Crossing - A free city-state.
The Crest of Amyra - Here be Barbarians!

The People of Y'Myran - Short descriptions and possibly character sketches of some of the populace.
The Gods of Y'Myran - A little bit of information about the deities the Y'Myrani people worship.

Banshee's Honor (web only) - This links to the first file in the online version of the story.  
Banshee's Honor - This is the link to the book information page at my publisher.  From there, you will find links to places where the book can be purchased.
Banshee's Honor - Here is a link to the first chapter of the published version of Banshee's Honor

The Songs of Y'Myran - Lyrics to songs sung throughout the seven kingdoms.
The Art of Y'Myran - Here you will find the art done for the published version of Banshee's Honor
The Art of Y'Myran - Archeological Wing - Here you will find some of the wallpapers and art done for the online version of Banshee's Honor
Glossary - Here is where I will put any language references, as well as other cultural and historical data.  Spoilers abound.

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